FiveM Server Rules

General Rules
- RDM/VDMing, Fail RP, etc are not tolerated.
- Targeted harassment or hate speech of any kind is not permitted.
- No operating a government vehicle if you are not assigned that role (Police/EMS.)
- No disconnecting during police chase or RP situation.
- Admins reserve the right to use their discretion appropriately when deciding a kick/ban.
Role Play Laws
- No excessive speeding in cities, towns, or residential areas.
- Pedestrians reserve the right-of-way at crosswalks.
- Use turn signals. (Left/Right arrows keys for desired direction, Up arrow for hazards.)
- Stop at all stop signs/red lights.
- Pull to the side of the road for emergency services when their lights/sirens are activated.
- Infractions: Punishable by dollar amount fines. Max fine of $1,500.
- Misdemeanors: Punishable by fines and/or jail time. Minimum fine of $1,500 and maximum fine of $3,000. Maximum jail time of 5 minutes.
- Felonies: Punishable only with jail time. Minimum jail time of 5 minutes, maximum of 10 minutes.
Infractions are defined as verbal issues, small traffic violations, and possession of low quantity of narcotics.
Misdemeanors are defined as traffic offenses that pose threat to public safety, possession of illegal weapons or less than felony amount of narcotics, assaults not causing fatalities, and disorderly persons.
Felonies are defined as serious crimes such as capital murder, eluding/evasion from officers, assault causing major bodily harm/fatality, kidnapping and burglary; as well as possession of large quantity of narcotics.
Server Admins
Tatsuya Shiba (T. Shiba) - LSPD Chief of Police
Logan Castano (L. Castano) - LSPD Asst Chief of Police
John Holt (J. Holt) - SASP Superintendent